SGMK KitSprint @ ANORG, Zürich, Switzerland | 23-25. Feb 2018

Dear PCB geeks and DIY kits/education enthusiasts!

The Swiss Mechatronic Art Society is inviting you for a shared learning experience together, coming up in 2 weeks!! Yes… in Switzerland.

check the wiki info here:

We are happy to host a long weekend of co-developing new PCB designs, redesigning some of our classic workshop “platinen” and learn from each other to prepare files for manufacturing “Shenzhen Ready”, prepare 1-click order BOM (bill of materials) using the new platform, @kaspar himself, the developer of kitspace will be present to show and share his experience.

DATE: 23-25. Feb 2018
you can stay longer to continue hacking… calll it mini Homemade Wintercamp!

ANORG, Hohlstrasse 612, Zürich, Switzerland

@dusjagr is organizing and hosting this event. contact me if you have questions.
we have very limited travel support, PM me if you need help!

For more travel and sleeping arrangements, see the wiki.
Put down your ideas of projects and material you will bring or need!

Food, drinks and some material production costs is provided by SGMK through our recent support for “new developments” funded by Migros Kulturprozent! thx!

Happy Chinese New Year!
It will be the year of the Dog, so let’s make some Dog-µ-Noise ciruits!

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Dear fellow Kitologists,
we spent a great weekend sharing experiences in getting electronic hardware ready for manufacturing. For 48 hours a group of geeks, cooks, makers and engineers worked hard on creating new designs, re-edited old vintage circuits and enjoyed each others inspriation and skills.

thanks @kaspar for supporting us with his great platform

Spontanous input lectures on Analog NeuroCircuits by Wolfgang Spahn and Low-Cost Manufacturing by Radomir.

Preparing the creative and hand-drawn design from DIY-CAD or other pencil and paper methods still is quite a mess for importing and exporting to kicad to create proper Gerber Files, but it kinda works, Shenzhen Ready!

Hope to share experiences at other upcomgin GOSH related events!


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I wrote a bit about the KitSprint on my blog:

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Because it was so nice…
We are doing another edition here in Yogyakarta, starting tomorrow!

Sharing some recent skill in creative PCB design, hand.drawn using pen/pencil, svg2Shenzhen or KiCAD, to create a variety of new boards which can be shared “ready for manufacturing”, eg from PCBWay, openly, publishing gerber files on Kitspace and all needed for local adaption of our circuits.

For this edition we bring together many local DIY electronics enthusiasts from Indonesia, long term collaborators, making micro_noise together since 2009, with ucok, iyok and the waft-lab crew, and new creative designers and noise artists.

Specifically we want to work on the following projects.

Crazy 4093 Boards
Claaaassic! Check earlier circuits from SquareSolid, such as the Tiger BioSynth. which in fact was the first try to get one of this beautifully drawn circuits ready for manufacturing, together with Ucok and Urs, back in 2016. with the new svg2Shenzhen by iyok, it makes it now muuuuch easier to draw creative stuff and get the gerber files!

BareBone Mixtape
This should be a more simple (but fully compatible) PCB for the mixtape, so we can offer more low-cost and adaptable workshops using all our codes from the 8Bit Mixtape. Maybe reduce it to 1 knob, 1 button, 1 volume, no NEO-pixels etc… with this board people also can design their own casings and interfaces. and the BOM should also be optimized for low-cost parts from Ali-Express or local electronics store in Yogya and Tokopedia.

Talking to the local noise scene we got some feedback, that our devices are super cool, but all that DIY stuff and cable fidling really falls apart on the stage. So we are now looking into some of our classic circuits to fit into metal-case stompboxes. and yes we already got a illumated ring for the StompSwitch. it will be PINK!!! putting inside a fully high-end 8bit mixtape clone with CV in, Sync, ISP and all that stuff is already under development.

KiCAD version of 8Bit Mixtape
Finally i made a full KiCAD version of the 8Bit Mixtape and shared here in GitHub, loads of custom footprints, still under development.

After years of geeking with the attiny85, iyok started to adapt and port many great synths and browser based programming methods to the ESP8266.

Yes! the WiFi - Mixtape is born! Check the code here.
and even nicer to look at the ESP programming interface, with a direct upload button coming soon!

yes, we’ll put it into a stompbox. first prototypes are already working. and let’s design the board for it. kinda multiplexed breakout board for the NodeMCU, to have 4 pots, 2 buttons, various CV/Sync inputs, DAC and Stereo Audio output.

Thanks for your virtual help and maybe also financial support to allow us to get those boards manufactured in time, to be ready for use in workshops in august, sent to HOMEMADE camp in Switzerland, and… sent to you, if you support the activity!
We already have received a great support from GaudiLabs! thank you!!