Send us your sequences! Updates to Open DNA Collections

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Mostly of relevance for biologists in the community…

Open Bioeconomy Lab have been awarded £20k to spend on DNA synthesis to update the Open Enzyme Collections (Reclone Research in Diagnostics Collection, Open Enzymes, Open Reporters, Protein Expression Toolkit) and Open Yeast Collection :raised_hands: but we need to do it quite quickly, due to funder constraints!

Please read the following guide for submission of sequences and send Benchling links (ideally - GenBank files are also OK) for DNA parts that you would like to by 10 March 2023. We’ll start compiling a list of submissions and share here asap, we just wanted to get people thinking about what to submit.

Feel free to ask here on the forum if you’re unsure of if something fits or how to submit parts!

We are looking for IP-free reporters, enzymes, affinity tags, regulatory elements or other useful stuff for reagent production and research tool purposes.

To find out what is already available, you can check the Free Genes site:



Hi Jenny, maybe the “homebrew phusion” from Pipette Jockey: Purifying commonly used enzymes / Homebrew pfu-sso7d – Pipette Jockey

The Barrick lab, at UT Austin, has the plasmid, sequence, and isolation protocol available to academic users.

I didn’t find it on the enzymes list: Open Enzymes –

Not sure about the IP status.

Hope it helps!

Thanks very much for the suggestion - it’s a very useful enzyme! We have Pfu_Ssod7 HiFi in the Molecular Diagnostics Toolkit. It might not be identical to the Pipette Jockey sequence but like that one, it is wild-type Pfu fused to Sso7d and doesn’t have IP constraints due to patent expiry.

If anyone has improvements versions to submit, we would welcome them!


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