Selecting a motor for rapid cuff inflation system

Hi All,

I would very much appreciate it if you could suggest a way to design a system that can fully inflate an adult blood pressure cuff up to 6 psi within 0.5 sec.

My current plan is to go use Arduino and an MPS20N0040D-D sensor module. However, I am struggling to find an air compression system to achieve rapid inflation. It would be ideal if I can use a 12 V DC motor for this purpose.

I really appreciate it if you can provide your suggestions!

Thank you in advance and have a great day!


Probably the simplest way is to use a 12V tyre inflator and a pressure relief valve set to 6psi. I hope you’re not using this on humans or live animals.

The ultimate goal is to develop one for demonstration purposes for humans. Unfortunately, a tire inflator is not going to work given it can’t provide that much rapid inflation (plus noise).

What about having it pre-compressed? And only released when needed.

Also having only a certain maximum volume pre-compressed would make it less dangerous I guess.

Also if space is not a constraint, a higher volume pump could be used with a pressure multiplier, in two-stage sort of contraption.