Seeking citizens for AirForAll Citizens Testing Group

Dear all: We are looking for and welcoming #citizens to monitor our work with #AirForAll to ensure its usability and accessibility. Your support in spreading the word is greatly appreciated.

Citizens interested in air quality and environmental data and keen to test the usability of our evolving knowledge toolkit and platform can join the AirForAll Citizens Testing Group:
:point_right: SurveyStack

AirForAll will evolve a knowledge toolkit for [1] helping citizens to better understand the effects of #airpollution, emissions and #climatechange, and for [2] helping cities to leverage #civicparticipation for air quality #data collection. AirForAll will [3] launch a digital, freely accessible platform for knowledge transfer and capacity building on EU and international level.

In case you are already working on air quality projects, are open to share insights and interested how to leverage meaningful civic participation: Come, join our growing international stakeholder group & get invited to next meetings: SurveyStack

AirForAll is jointly run by:
Air Quality Organisation of VΓ€stmanland County
Proofing Future Europe
Ideas for Change

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union



Hi! Is this open to any one around the world? I can pass the message along to some people here in the Philippines who might be interested.

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Yes, it is open to everyone in the world.

Your spreading the word is greatly appreciated.

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@tienoriana have a look at our upcoming Air For All Citizen Involvement Webinar, May 16. We would be delighted to welcome you and everyone interested.

Hi Sebastian,
I would love to attend the webinar. Quick question: Is there a job/working opportunity attached to this?

Hi Ebuka,
there are no job/working opportunities, only learning, knowledge & skills building as well as networking opportunities in AirForAll.