Seeed Fusion Groupbuy service

Dear all,

My name is Michael from Seeed Studio. Hope you are doing well.
I’m reaching out to you because Seeed Fusion just launch a Groupbuy platform, which will enable product designers to turn their designs into products in an easy way, without worrying about the costs of production, commission fee or logistics etc. We’ve noticed that many GOSH members deign open hardware for scientific research, and education, etc. And some might not be able to scale and be delivered to the users due to different obstacles. So we’d like to seek your thoughts and see whether the GroupBuy platform can help in a certain way.

Here is the process about Fusion Groupbuy service, you could chect it out if you are interested. Follow the steps, you could start your groupbuy program quickly.

  1. First, fill in the project and personal information on the application page, and submit it for review. At this stage, you will need to submit the relevant production documents in the Manufacturing Files section so we can evaluate the production costs.
    This is the application page:

  2. After evaluation, we will provide you with feedback and the manufacturing costs for different quantities that will be deducted from the earnings if the Groupbuy is successful. Then navigate to your Groupbuy administration page to review the status of your submission and set the selling quantity and selling price according to the manufacturing cost price provided. The selling price must be able to cover production costs. Then submit it for the second review.
    This is the page for entering the selling price and quantity:

  3. After passing the second review, the Groupbuy will officially begin.

  4. The Groupbuy will be deemed as successful if it reaches the target number within the effective time. After reaching the target, customers can still join the Groupbuy. The greater the number of participants, the lower the manufacturing cost per piece will be.

  5. If the Groupbuy target is not met within the specified time, the Groupbuy fails, and the money paid by all users participating in the Groupbuy will be refunded via their payment account.

  6. After the Groupbuy time limit is reached, production will be initiated if successful and we will carry out first product verification. Once production is completed, we will ship them out to all buyers, and 15 days after shipment, earnings will be transferred to you via PayPal or wire transfer.

For more information, check out the Groupbuy FAQ.

Best regards,

Michael Zheng
Product Operations Manager
Seeed Technology Co., Ltd


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