"Sci-Bots" - Mentor meetings notes

This thread will be used to document the exchanges between mentor & mentee of the project Sci-Bots, @Sci-Bots

After each meeting you can add your notes as a reply to this thread, so you can have all your notes in one place. Remember the forum is a public place, don’t document any personal information.

Here’s a suggested format for taking notes, feel free to copy and paste with your notes for each meeting.

Mentor meeting 1

  • Date:
  • Attendees:


  1. Recap from previous meeting (or expectations & goals if this is your 1st meeting)
  2. This week’s assignments: questions, doubts, challenges?
  3. Timeline: are we on track?
  4. Contacting experts: do we need help?
  5. Any other questions or comments?

Actions for next meeting

Mentor meeting 1

  • Date: 2022/03/30
  • Attendees: Cesar, Ryan, Negar, Sheldon


Previous meeting was on 2022/03/23, we introduced ourselves and started planned future meetings

Define several goals at different horizons:

  1. Improve manufacturing process (make it more robust)
  2. Work on documentation
  3. Unified software project
  4. Open modules for DropBot

If we had a magic wand, we would make 2 happen right away.
It hasn’t happened before because we only recently identified it as an issue.
It is in part what caused our issues with 1.

Value-stream mapping:

  • Breakdown process from cradle to grave (step-by-step)
  • Defines the chapter of the documentation

Actions for next meeting

  • Start mapping out all the steps and where they are documented (color-coding)
    • What can we learn from that?
    • What don’t we know?

First pass: Get a MVP and iterate (~30min)

  • Look into:
    • 6 sigma
    • AGILE: good for accountability
    • Design thinking: iteration on a prototype