Save the date: 06-28, workshop on Research hardware publication

There will be a workshop during the next open science conference June 28 on hardware publication , see Workshop at the open science conference, there is a 50€ fee to participate in the online conference. We have some money in the project to cover that fee if you would like to participate (please write us).

We have been collecting a lot of use case from specific OH projects, and will now present a putative hardware publication platform idea to scholarly communication experts. We hope to get feedback about what could actually be implemented and how.

We will have more details about our plan mid June and ask for your feedback by then ;).


I would like to engage.


For anyone still on the edge, we encourage you to register here:

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hi @estevesdouglas, did you register ?

Here the promised details, please feel welcome to spread the word about this workshop !!

We have been studying 15 use cases of specific OH projects in academia and derived our preliminary idea from that for a hardware publication platform to enrich the growing open science hardware ecosystem.

We hope to get feedback about what could actually be implemented and how, particularly from university librarians, technology transfer officers, funding agencies, political organisations, scholarly communication professionals , hardware/software engineers and other open science enthusiasts.

About the detailed Schedule:
Break-out sessions [50 min] for four working groups will discuss predefined topics/questions:

  • A platform solution to hardware publications, focussing on technical aspects.
  • Hardware evaluation: processes, recognition and trust.
  • Sustainability for a hardware publication ecosystem (diamond open access, decentralisation).
  • How to create incentives and recognition of hardware as a research output?