Royal Society meeting on open, reproducible hardware for microscopy (May 22-23)

Hi all! Sharing the following opportunity below from the Royal Society:

Open, reproducible hardware for microscopy, 22-23 May 2023

We would like to announce a Royal Society Theo Murphy scientific meeting on “Open, reproducible hardware for microscopy”.

Reproducible experiments in microscopy require well-understood instruments that can be replicated independently. Open Source Hardware, the practice of sharing complete designs under an open license can make instrument development more reproducible, more accessible, and reduce duplicated effort. This meeting will bring together researchers, manufacturers, and others involved in open microscopy to discuss recent developments, best practices, and future goals.

The meeting will be held in Glasgow, 22-23 May 2023, and is limited to around 100 participants. For more information or to apply, please see the meeting web page:

On behalf of the organising committee: Dr Richard Bowman, Dr Caroline Müllenbroich, Dr Benedict Diederich, Dr Julieta Arancio, Dr Sanli Faez and Professor Gail McConnell



Can independent scientists apply for this?

I’m a physicist.


Ebuka, Nigeria

I have no idea who can apply for this Royal Society meeting on open, reproducible hardware for microscopy.
Jim Brenner

@ebuka by looking at the website it looks like you can request an invitation.

It says: This event is intended for researchers in relevant fields, and also

The schedule of talks and speaker biographies will be available soon. Meeting papers will be published in a future issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A.

Hi @Ebuka there are no hard rules on who can apply, and our aim is certainly to have a mix of people from academia, industry, and other parts of the open community. My advice would be to make good use of the text box on the application form where you explain why you would like to attend - that’s the main thing that will be used when allocating places.

I might mention, just in case it’s not clear, that the application process is just for a place: unfortunately the Royal Society don’t provide financial support for travel or accommodation.

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A few people have asked me if there’s an online option for this: the event is in-person only, but we will have an online-only follow up event the following week: