Results: Regional Events Funding Round 1

Hi everyone! We fully finished Round 1 of the regional events funding grant!

5 groups were selected for the tier 1 funding for $9910.

In no particular order these were:

  1. AfricaOSH, Africa, link to proposal

  2. reGOSH, Latin America, link to proposal

  3. International Hackteria Society, Europe/South Asia, link to proposal

  4. Digital Naturalism Conference, Global/South Asia link to proposal

  5. LabHack and SanBIO, Africa, link to proposal

It’s wonderful we were able to fund these exciting events happening all around the world, and stay tuned for the post that will announce when ROUND 2 of the funding for Regional Events opens up (Soon!)


Hello shout-out to all other organizers of regional events,
@thomasmboa @pablocremades @louisebez @hikinghack @nanocastro @squaresolid

I would love to have an informal video call to hear and discuss more about your visions for the regional event that we are all preparing now! We could discuss some earlier experiences, share planned schedules to see if there are intersting overlaps, find synergies of topics and people.

I just arrived in Indonesia and we are (slowly) getting down to the detail planning of our plans here in Indonesia, all paperwork done, contracts signed and the funds arrived on the account. Ready to roll.


Da wäre ich gern dabei, bei dem Video call wie funktioniert das? Jitsi? Freut mich, dass du gut in Indonesien angekommen bist.

Hati hati,

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yeah that sounds cool! im heading to Sri Lanka in just a couple hours for a scouting trip!

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That would be great! We are already preparing some stuff for september and I’m pretty sure we can find interesting overlappings .


Let’s use the upcoming GOSH OpenHours this week on thursday, 14th April, 11 UTC.
(scroll down on the link below).


I will not be able of join tomorrow :frowning:
Hopefully @pcremades can join

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So I hope to meet some of the other people involved in the regional events today!

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Sorry, we are having nonstop days scouting here with limited internet and intermittent power cutoffs and can’t make it

Perhaps in two weeks or so i can try to catch up!

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i also didnt make it :slight_smile:
was missing out the correct time and was on the road.

but let’s try again to have a meeting with other regional events hosts. i hear that results from round 2 are out, kinda also. would be even better to have all involved.


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Yes that would be great! I am thinking of starting a forum thread for our regional event that I will just kinda update and document about stuff we are doing. Maybe all the regional events groups could do a similar thing, or perhaps there is a better way to asynchronously cross share on this platform?

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I made a new post in our own new category! check it out! also round 2 is announced now too!

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