Idea Proposals for reGOSH Mendoza!

Hi all, this is a place to post ideas for projects that can be run during the 2022 reGOSH. I’m posting mostly to get the thread started after some initial discussions with organizers.

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Project Idea

Benchmark local Mendoza farmers with the Mercado Central B.A.


Maybe Octavio?


It sounds like the Mercado Central in BA does a lot of sampling already from their market. It could be really cool to work with them to do 3 things:

  1. to ingest some their existing historical data to work with the Farmer Coffee Shop (an open source farm benchmarking system)
  2. to see if we could take samples from producers in/around Mendoza and have them also run using the same methods
  3. to see the comparison of historical and current Mendoza farmers in the Coffee Shop

To give a sense of what this looks like, see screenshot below:

Organizing the work

We’d need to:

  1. contact them and see the structure of existing data, methods, where it is, and if we could ingest it or not.
  2. see if they’d be willing to run additional samples and maybe talk longer-term collaborations
  3. organize the farmer groups who could supply samples that we could go to during ReGOSH
  4. actually get it done!

Project Idea

Run a sampling effort of farmers in Mendoza for a set of soil and plant health-related measures. This is not only cool from a data perspective, but it would allow other ReGOSH projects which need samples access to lots of samples and associated metadata (if we succeeded). Ideally this would be 20+ farms if at all possible… We have experience with large sampling efforts and good procedures (forms, etc.) from our work with OpenTEAM and BFA, so that may make this otherwise quite overwhelming project more achievable.

… need to fill out more info here…! but it’s a start :slight_smile:


Perhaps it’s worth mentioning we also have a nice and reasonably autonomous pipeline all the way down to analysis, modelling and visualization/sharing.


So happy to see this moving forward!!

I will ask Facundo to set up a meeting with them, I think they will be very interested on collaborate. They already exposed their need here (in spanish)

I think we can make it


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