ReSeq campaign: writing new software for older DNA seqencers

Hey all,

We just launched a crowd-funder to write new software for older DNA sequencers. Not strictly open hardware but moving in the right direction.


Shamelessly bumping this as we have just 15 days to go!


The drop in sequencing cost is out-pacing Moore’s Law! That’s why there are many almost as new last generation sequencers available for free or for cheap at universities and sequencing labs. We know exactly how to turn them into highly valuable fluorescent microscopes with integrated microfluidic systems (proof of concept is done). With a new software open biolabs, community spaces and citizen science projects get high end machines that can be used for many amazing applications such as microplastic sampling in water, protein scanning, cytometry and more. BUT for this to happen we need you help to reach our minimum goal in the crowdfunding camping. Or then it’s not going to happen and all these machines will soon be disassembled for some glass lens and cooper wires. → SUPPORT open source science hardware now! All the money goes to Kaspar and Bengt for their software development work. They both have made great contribution to the open source community before. And your contribution will even be matched by a Swiss science fond.



Will you please update on this topic?
I am new here and VERY interested and would like to contribute

Hi @dex, head over to the Hackteria forum to talk about this project:

We’ll be having a call at 2pm UTC today if you want to join: Launch Meeting - Zoom

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