Requesting assistance/potential partnership of any US based Space related organization to help secure a funding opportunity for a community based Space Lab in the developing country of Sri Lanka

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This is Bruce, Guardian of Space Lab at DreamSpace Academy, Kallady, Eastern Sri Lanka. DreamSpace Academy is a non-profit social enterprise tackling local socio-economic and environmental challenges through challenge-based learning, grassroots innovation and impact venture building, solving local challenges by local talent following a three decades of civil war and underdevelopment.
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Space Lab is one of the latest, technical labs at DreamSpace Academy to support the above mentioned mission, with our own mission of making Space education, research, application and exploration accessible to even underserved communities in Sri Lanka by building a strong community and infrastructure to support it focusing on multidisciplinary fields around space.

As I was doing some research for opportunities, I got to know about this education program called ISS Expedition Space Lab from NASA recently.

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While exploring what it was I discovered an apparent funding opportunity under this program. Expedition Space Lab missions also highlight SSE partner program resources that have associated costs but provide a more engaging learning experience.

More info :

Now the challenge we are facing here is, the criteria for applying for this funding opportunity of up to 10,000 USD; (which I should mention proves to be a significant investment to get multiple projects and infrastructure up and running at our lab coming from a 3rd world nation which doesn’t have any government funding on space sector) to set up an education lab around Space studies strictly states that, “Any educator that is a U.S. citizen from a formal or informal educational organization that works with students is eligible to apply. Student reach and demographics will be considered in application scoring.”,

thus prohibiting us from directly applying through the website for this opportunity.

Thus I would like to humbly request you to look into the possibilities of how you can potentially help us secure this funding as a US based institution or an individual even. We can explore the possibilities of potential synergies and partnerships to secure this funding and mutually benefit from it in return of paving the path for the much needed funds to reach us here in Sri Lanka.

I have come here seeking help and advice through the direction from Mr. Andrew Quitmeyer of Dinalab, Panama, to GOSH.

I would appreciate it if we could have a quick meeting to discuss this provided that you are interested and have a convenient time slot within next week.

Here is my Calendly Calendly - Purusothman Murasolimaran to schedule the meeting.

This is their mail address for inquiry:

Thank you,
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Purusothman Murasolimaran

Guardian of Space Lab
Mob: ‭+94 778523763
Tel: +94 65 222 6525
Address: 7A, Saravana Road, Kallady, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka
DreamSpace Academy
Linked in: Purusothman M. - Guardian of Space Lab - DreamSpace Academy | LinkedIn

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Welcome to the GOSH community Bruce!

For anyone interested in helping Bruce out, I just came back from visiting their space lab and it was super cool!

Also Bruce, this is a ways off possibly for this project, but for making connections in general, I would also recommend applying to the upcoming GOSH Gathering in October in Panama

There is also some funding for travel support available that you might be potentially able to get!

Thank you very much for the kind support Mr. Andrew. Sure I will look into the gathering and try to apply.