Reminder: GOSH Governance Working Group #2, 14 UTC on Mon 24 Aug

Hi All

No need to read this again if you got it via google calendar…

Quick reminder that we are meeting tomorrow 14 UTC for GOSH Governance Working Group #2 meeting.

Here are the minutes from last time: Minutes from WG Meeting #1 - 10 Aug 2020
These were quite verbatim with action points pulled out, Marina suggested that the note-taker for tomorrow also provides a narrative summary of important points and decisions made. We currently don’t have a volunteer to take notes so please shout up if you would be willing to take on this role for the meeting!

Here is a reminder of actions from the last meeting:

  • Make the forum category viewable, make a governance category that is viewable and postable by everyone [Jenny]
  • Make a map of domains of control, assets, outputs, governance values and share for comments [Greg]
  • Pull out governance values from a review of the Manifesto for discussion at the next meeting [Marina]
  • Determine the next set of steps/actions for this WG to produce items to share out to the community for comments [hold until next meeting]
  • Set up a sticky post for framing approach to governance conversations and linking to code of conduct then send to group for comments [Paz]

Gayatri is preparing an agenda and will facilitate the meeting. We didn’t have a volunteer for sending reminders, hence I’m doing it but hope to hand over the baton for the next meeting :slight_smile:


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Hi all

Sharing a draft agenda for today’s meeting. Please feel free to share any changes. It would be lovely if everyone could volunteer for the different segments. As of now, I have put names as suggestions.

Draft Agenda: GOSH WG Meeting #2, 24th August 2020

  • Welcome. Identification of volunteers to take minutes of the meeting.
  • Recap of key points discussed in the last meeting and action taken since then. [Paz]
  • Revisit the map of domains of control, assets, outputs, governance values. [Greg]
  • Discussion on governance values pulled out from a review of the Manifesto. [Marina]
  • Next steps, suggestions from Gunner. [Gunner]
  • Decide a timeline and deliverables for the WG that can be shared with the community. [Julieta]
  • Volunteer for coordination and facilitation of the next WG meeting.

Look forward to talking to you all today.

Best wishes


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