Reimbursement for workshop expenses

We have some additional funding for workshop-related supplies. If you are planning to run a workshop with consumables, please let me know. We may be able to reimburse some or all of those items (foldscope is a good example). if you already purchased consumables for a workshop, please keep your receipts.

Hey Greg, I was thinking about getting a small foldable photo booth for the hands-on documentation workshop on Saturday. Would that be in scope?

Yep, definitely. Keep your receipts if you bring it, or if you’re buying it there just let me or shannon know at the time. How much do you think it’ll be? And since we’re buying it can we keep it as part of the GOSH supplies? Thanks!

Of course! I don’t know yet if I get the material in time, but I’ll try.

Hi, Greg

Is awesome, i want getting some color’s papers, marker, recycle magazine , Scissors and glue. For we make fanzines to documentation of the activities different.


If it outputs something cool do it! Just bring shannon the receipts and mark them “supplies”.