Regional Events 2022 - Please share updates in the forum!

We had a successful first Just One Giant Summit on Friday 1 July 2022, bringing together speakers from academia, industry, and civil society, from organisations, labs, and groups around the world. The event was held online on the Gather.Town platform, allowing for increased interaction and engagement in a virtual environment.

We had a number of great tracks including Open Science Hardware, Africa regional. LATAM regional and one on opportunities and challenges of community laboratories.

Videos of the various tracks will soon be available. Preliminary feedback has been positive, and we’re looking forward to implement suggestions for improvement in future editions. We’ll compile a report on the summit and share with various stakeholders including the GOSH community.

Many thanks to GOSH and the community for not only supporting the summit financially but also actively collaborating and participating in a meaningful way. We appreciate GOSH and all our partners. Thank you! :pray:t5:


Thanks for the update @dusjagr and @gamelmag! I really enjoyed being a small part of Just One Giant Summit, and was interesting experiencing Gather.Town for the first time.

Glad that the regional events are happening, and hope there will be future opportunities like this.


We’re in the organisational phase of the event planned for Autumn 2022: contacting collaborators and mentors, preparing materials and tools.
We also drafted the graphic and prepared the area of the website to release documentation and various announcements

more news after summer break!


Very cool, really looking forward to how it goes @Zoe! Have a great (northern hemisphere) summer!


Hi everyone,
We are still organizing the two events (reGOSH residence + regional GOSH) taking place in Mendoza, in September. We already have the confirmation of our special guests, @jarancio and @gbathree. We have also a partial list of participants for the regional event.
Thank you for your support!


Hi everyone,
We are on our way! Participants are introducing themself in the GOSH forum. I share the link with you in case you want to know who is coming and their interests.


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Hi everyone,
The #latino-america-y-caribe:regosh-mendoza-2022 is starting in 4 days! We have set a GitLab group for all the projects we will be working on during the residence. By the end of the regional event we will share the outcome of the residence. I just wanted to share the link to the repos in case anyone can follow our progress.


Hi everyone!!

Sorry for posting just now, but we are thrilled to share with you the "OScAtón

The event is happening in less than 2 weeks!

The Hackathon will focus on open science (hardware, software, licenses, and innovation) providing solutions to accessibility in science. We also want to showcase how culture could shape science.

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Greetings from TanzaniaOSH!

We are organizing the first TanzaniaOSH Summit, scheduled to happen on 13th to 14th October 2022.

The team is now working on the following:

  1. Schedule of the event (Event format), including identifying speakers for various topics.

  2. Sourcing kits for hands-on sessions.

  3. TanzaniaOSH domain registration and website development.

  4. The Application form will be out mid September.

  5. Acquiring partners. So far, BUNI Hub has agreed to partner with us in organizing the event, and it be hosted at their space.

We will be posting the progress weekly! So stay tuned… there is a lot to share from us!!!


Hi everyone!
The Regional Event at Mendoza is starting in 4 days! We will present the instruments we’ve been working on during the reGOSH residence on an open fair that will take place on the second day of the event.



can’t wait to hear how it went!

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Dear Gosh Regional events partners,
we’re happy to share some news about our event which is scheduled for saturday October 29th.
We’ve been having some warm-up afternoon in the past 3 weeks in order to prepare materials for the event and we published some documentation.
As we’re in Milan, Italy, the documentation is mainly in italian. We created an area of the website with all the posts: GOSH · OBOT
This page is where we shared the work in progress:
Microscapes - documentazione · OBOT
we also uploaded files on wikifactory repository

and here’s the event launch:


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Excited to see the update, thank you so much @Zoe! :rocket: Really wish for a successful event!

I am also super curious:

I see you’re using PubPub and Wikifactory! How well are they working for you? Do you like it???

hey @hpy , thanks for interest and feedback.
Yes, we decided to use pubpub because it’s easier to download PDF from the webpage and it’s not an effort to print handouts during events, or generate a publication with specific documents. It’s not so good in dealing with images, and you can’t do galleries but we keep it simple.
I’ve been using wikifactory for some other project and it’s good because you can fork projects and keep track of changes on design files in 2d or 3d format and it becomes more transparent to receive contributions :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Zoe for the quick and positive feedback about those platforms! I’d definitely like to give PubPub and try for a future project’s documentation.

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We are rolling here in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, for our activities called “ROŠA - Regional Open Science Hardware & Art, Indonesia”, you find much information on the hackteria wiki.

“A regional event series combining a longer on-site residency, aswell as a research & production lab, local outreach and a gathering of interesting players from the region of South East Asia.”

We are hosting a very interesting and diverse group of people to collaborate for a joint residency from 15. October - 10. November 2022. Many local collaborators, artists, sound-geeks, researchers, collectives are here to join the activities.

Many workshops will be developed and shared with a public.

The collaborative research and projects will be developed collectively with the group, starting next week.

A showcase in the form of a “Night-Market” will happen 5/6. November.

A tour in the region will spread and share the developed knowlegdes beyond the event.

If anybody is in the region, please contact us, it’s an open event series for many people to participate!


Wow, @Zoe, this looks really beautiful, I would have loved to come. Unfortunately I just saw this now and am already busy on October 29th. But will it be maybe hybrid, so I can listen to some stuff you do there? I would really appreciate it.
All the best,
Stefanie (from Vienna)

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HI @Stefanie, glad you like it! We’re going to keep it in presence, not hybrid because we’re going to be divided in two groups and be very hands-on. We’re going to share pictures later on and also share the outputs. it’s all in italian language, do you speak italian? In any case we can keep in touch and have a call to share with you as it seems you’re working of very similar topics :slight_smile:

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Hi, @FranQuero and I are just back from a residency in MboaLab Cameroon working on open source qPCR and qLAMP machines. MboaLab is a great place to work and we made good progress and met interesting people. We then also participated in some intense days of AfricaOSH with many regional participants, great panels and talks. Fran and I prepared some special PCBs for the gathering and gave workshops with it (see pictures below). We payed over 200’000 African franc import duties for the PCBs form China. This is one of the opportunities for Beneficial Bio (, the business part of MboaLab, to distribute bio material and reagents more affordably for local labs and universities.


Hi @Zoe, yes, my collegue Patricia Reis and me are working on a long-term project on speculative feminist hardware made from sustainable, fair-trade materials. It’s an art project. We would love to have more exchange with you and other GOSH organizers. I don’t speak Italian unfortunately, but maybe we can meet on a different regional GOSH event. I at the moment go to Lubijana to Projekt Atol, but will be back in Austria soon. We run a feminist hacklab in Vienna called Mz* Baltazar’s Lab were we hosted the “Feminist hardware festvial” last summer, with many people who are also in the GOSH community (e.g. Mary Maggic).