References list about open hardware

I’ve been following some open hardware initiatives here in the Brazil region.

I like to watch and read about the topic, so I found this presentation very interesting.

Despite the video being from 2010 I think it still contributes to some points.

WHY DO OPEN HARDWARE? from the Open Hardware Summit at New York Hall of Science, September 23 2010.

In case anyone has more indications of presentations, articles or blog.

I would like to read more about.



Hi @estevesdouglas!

Thanks for reaching out :smiley: I wanted to share a few publications/blogs from GOSH that you may like to read!

GOSH 2021 Policy Briefs
Last year the GOSH community released some policy briefs and write-ups aimed at technology transfer offices, international policymakers, and research funders. I would definitely recommend visiting this page where you can find out more about each brief and write-up!

The open hardware for technology transfer offices brief has also been translated into Portuguese!

Distribution and Documentation Working Group
A group of community members formed the Open Hardware Distribution and Documentation Working Group to discuss distributed open science hardware (OScH) manufacturing, documentation, business models, legal agreements, and much more! They released a series of 16 blogs, which you can read on the Journal of Open Hardware Medium!

They also published a white paper on the topic as well.

GOSH book club
On a related note, GOSH also has a book club! We often select readings on open hardware (you can see our full reading list here). We aren’t meeting this month as many of our schedules are full for June, but we will be bringing it back in the coming months! You can watch for updates on the book club via this thread :slight_smile:

Open Sourced Science
This wasn’t released by GOSH, but I still think that the Wilson Center’s Open Sourced Science is a great resource to share! It’s super interactive and references several open science hardware initiatives - and GOSH!

Hope this helps!


Hi there Douglas.

Check the website of the Journal of Open Hardware ( which has a close relationship with the GOSH initiative. There you can find high-quality literature on different aspects of OSH and also get to know scientists working in the field (see not only authors but also editors of the journal).

Check the work of our Brazilian colleagues @amchagas , @helossboll, @solstag working in Brazil or abroad.

I contributed, myself, a couple of papers to the Open Source Hardware bibliography that makes references to our country. You can find them here: Open-source hardware as a model of technological innovation and academic entrepreneurship: The Brazilian landscape | Emerald Insight and here: Open-source hardware to face COVID-19 pandemic: the need to do more and better | SpringerLink .

There are several groups in Brazil supporting OSH, as you mentioned. I am a part of this one: .

Good search!