Reddit Ask Me Anything (Tuesday 13/2/2017, 3-5pm UK time)

Hi all, I just thought I’d plug an “ask me anything” that I’m doing on the Science subreddit on Tuesday 13th February, from 3-5pm UK time. If you have any questions about the OpenFlexure Microscope or what I’m doing at the University of Bath, it would be lovely to get some good questiosn. It would be lovely to have some others from the community to keep me right when I talk about open source hardware too!


Nice, please add a link as soon as the thread is up.

Great idea!! It will be very interesting for many local groups, share the url when you have one!

Is there maybe an announcement post I could cross-post to /r/opensourcehardware?

I’m told the URL will be available a couple of hours beforehand, I’ll tweet it (@mindnumbed) and post it once I have it :slight_smile:

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The URL is now live: