Recruiting Working Group to review applications to GOSH 2022 Research and Policy Workshop Program

Hi All

We are recruiting a working group to review applications to the GOSH 2022 Research and Policy Workshop Program.

The responsibilities of this working group are to:

  • Review the applications and provide scores and comments according to the scoring rubric (9 - 20 May 2022)
  • Participate in a meeting in the week beginning 23 May to discuss and finalise recommendations for funding.
  • Participate in a meta-review/reflection event of this funding process in late 2022 (probably November)

The estimated time commitment would be six hours but this depends on the number of proposals received.

If you are interested in joining this working group, please email Note that if you are planning on applying for this funding yourself, it will most likely constitute a conflict of interest, and you will have to - at a minimum - recuse yourself from that part of the review process.

Thanks very much for your time and just reach out if you have any questions.