Recent discussion/papers on patents and universities as of 2024-06

Hello GOSH, and pinging @jpearce given our previous conversations on this topic,

FYI there’s a thread today started by @chartgerink discussing universities, their tech transfer offices, and patents:

A couple papers were mentioned in the thread that might be of interest to GOSH (in addition to papers/reports that came from GOSH):

Fabrizio, K. R. (2007). University patenting and the pace of industrial innovation. Industrial and Corporate Change, 16(4), 505–534. University patenting and the pace of industrial innovation | Industrial and Corporate Change | Oxford Academic (archived PDF)

Williams, H. L. (2017). How do patents affect research investments? Annual Review of Economics, 9, 441–469.

I’ll certainly keep these two papers in mind in addition to this classic treatise by Boldrin & Levine:

Boldrin, M., & Levine, D. K. (2013). The case against patents. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 27(1), 3–22.