RDA Group FAIR Principles for Research Hardware is looking for more participants

Hi everyone!

Julien previously announced the fair4rh rda group, which strives to promote the use of FAIR research hardware in academia.

We are currently looking for more people with diverse perspectives to join the group. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me or one of our current two chairs @Juliencolomb and @nadica.miljkovic.


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We are discussing using FAIR principles in the open ag tech space with the USDA. Right now, their contracting process is pretty far from FAIR, and we’d like to focus not only on the data piece but also on the process piece (open software, collaborative community, etc. etc.). I like FAIR because it gives international weight behind good ideas and makes it possible to implement them in large organizations that need an externally validated body / ideas to do ‘the right thing’ :slight_smile:

It’d be awesome to get someone involved who has visibility in the RDA with open science hardware to translate potential use to the open ag tech space. @dornawcox or @Julieta or @nanocastro I’m just throwing out names here… but I think have someone have a foot in both spaces would be really helpful. Perhaps GOAT Juliet may find value in this longer term also.

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