Random cool projects

Hi all,
Though I’d make a thread to “dump” cool projects found online! Can range anything really, arts/science, high tech, low tech, hack or design. Send links and maybe a one liner about the project you are linking

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Here is one I saw today:

ranging 3D printer - for spare rooms and large prints

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Hii, there are huge DIY auto greenhouse system projet going on in Japan called UECS: http://uecs.org, article is in Japanese but you will have no problem with google auto translate.

Just before heading to Chile I finished my work setting up a fixture to program and test a small batch of electronics (round 150 units)

I had good success with this Open Fixture which is a script and OpenSCAD model that will generate a hardware design based on your KiCad PCB.

It was the first time I saw some parametric modelling work in action and I was very impressed. I think combining a good parametized model with open hardware licensing can be a powerful combination.

This isn’t open source, but it is a free to use and extremely powerful CAD tool - onshape.com . I used it for our MultispeQ design, which has 15 - 20 unique parts and was used to generate a injection molded model - https://cad.onshape.com/documents/6f28dc0f835d4feebf8b645c/w/8f0b4bdbc04b4530958772a6/e/07b4db17d96a49aeab5dca57 (you may need to log in to see it, but it is otherwise public).

I find this extremely cool, as in “there is already demand for it” :slight_smile: Is there anyone at the meeting associated with it or doing similar work?
Let’s play ball!

Yep, that’s Urs - @dusjagr and he work together on many projects. He’s not here but he was at the pre-GOSH. Go talk to Marc for more info!

After I came back to my country, someone pointed out a very interesting project of an open source computer for industrial aplications (more rugged and reliable than e.g. a raspberry pi or an arduino). It’s called CIAA (Computadora Industrial Abierta Argentina). It was developed by a large group of universities and companies, and it is designed so that in can be built locally in Argentina, and I guess in similar countries too.

Here’s the link to the project (in spanish):

And some info in English:

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I often post random links to /r/opensourcehardware on Reddit. Could use more people posting things on there.

I’ve just discovered this lovely MACA project, an Open Air Monitoring Station:


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Hi Xose, the author @nanocastro is in this forum!


AMP - a project to create “spacecrafts” a place with tools, space for making and trading opportunities for people who live from upcycling/making things.

Open source graphing calculator

Seems to be just a concept for now? (All the pictures are renderings or sketches.)

Strange. They do have a buy button and links to their repositories (hard and software)…

Tidelift – anyone heard about it or familiar? @shannond maybe someone on your team could meet some folks, they’re based out of boston, I think their work is especially relevant when it comes to the “scale” concept we’re pushing for this years 2018 GOSH. @thomas.maillart I’d be curious to get your opinion also (I know it’s short on info at the moment)

It’s focused on software, but conceptually their platform or ideas may be able to be applied to hardware as well.