r3C - Remote Chaos Experience | 27-30. Dec 2020

It’s happening! this year on a massiv decentralized remote chaos experience!
The main hacker gathering, open source enthusiast meet-up and blinkeLED nerd-hot-spot of the Chaos Communication Congress goes online for the first time after almost 40 years…

Let’s talk about GOSH related collaborative activities during the congress.
Panels, workshops, meetings…
Who is interested?
We already had a small assembly there over the last years by @kaspar

The call for the main stage talks Fahrplan “schedule” is already over. But many possibilites for our independant program and activities through out the virtual worlds of the network around the congress.

In our new Hackerspace “Bitwäscherei” we are very active now to prepare as one of the Chaos Studios to support quality productions of pre-recorded and live–streamed activities.

An we are also hosting a series of workshops on PCB making, synthesizers, bioinformatics and more. using the opportunity of the online chaos to bring the Global Hackteria Network together.
It would be super to construct some kinda timeline together with people from the GOSH network too. maybe put it all together into the same virtual layers/ schedules.

You might be able to meet some of us working on it here in this collab tool “workadventure”:


Goood morning and merry CRISPR!

Wew have been rolling out a nice local / hybrid programm for the remote chaos…

Who else will be around for the this mega chaos online adventure?
We could still host self-organized discussion groups and workshop at our assembly.

Check our virtual map on the test-servers (mbe only until 27th)