Questions/discussion about GOSH 2022 Collaborative Development Program! (Phase 2)

Hi, everyone! :raising_hand_man:

Please comment here if you have questions about or want to discuss the just-announced GOSH 2022 Collaborative Development Program! (Phase 2)

To apply, please respond to the thread here .



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Our liquid handling project is behind schedule (about a month and a bit). I’d like to know what this means in the context of an application.

For example: can the project be considered for round 2? could we ask for an extension later on?

Thanks as always!

Hola @naikymen :raising_hand_man:t4: ¡Espero te encuentres bien!

As we mentioned in the post, all the projects of Phase 1 are eligible automatically. If a project is behind schedule, the team can explain what happened and the plan to overcome this situation. Applicants also have the opportunity to redefine the objectives and propose new ones that are more feasible for the next four months. Self-reflection will be relevant in this evaluation.