Proposing a "dev room" for FOSDEM 18

EDIT: Sorry folks, jumped the gun a bit on this. I had initially written this as a callout for help with an OSHW dev room but we will be combining it with the long-running EDA dev room so there is less of an urgent need for extra help. Do start thinking about submissions for talks and workshops though! I have edited everything below to make more sense given this update.

We are proposing an open source hardware (+ open source software to make OSHW) developer room for FOSDEM which is held each year in February in Brussels. This would be a day (or two?) of talks, workshops and discussions around anything OSHW.

FOSDEM is a unique conference as none of the attendants pay or even register so it effectively means 8000 people simply descend on the ULB university campus for a weekend to watch presentations and discuss anything related to free/libre and open source. Somehow it all works out in the end.

Hardware is always a popular topic at FOSDEM with talks and stands of OSHW projects (such as the Mooltipass password keeper, Crazyflie quadcopter and Teres laptop and of course loads of talks on implementations of the RISC-V CPU instruction set) doing very well, though it doesn’t always get it’s own track or dev room.

Would be nice to get a strong showing of science hardware next year! Who would be interested in helping coordinate this? @Javier has helped coordinate a dev room on electronic design automation for the last 3 (4?) years which this will be combined with.


Great idea! I would love to see some community developing around Open Source Hardware in Europe. I have been to FOSDEM 17 and definitely plan to go to FOSDEM18.

For me personally my interest goes beyond scientific equipment, or even: I am much in favor of manufacturing open source hardware-based products for mass application. I believe that is where the real impact can be made in the long run.

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