Proposal for new categories on the GOSH Forum

Hi All

During the GOSH website meeting yesterday, we talked about being able to find relevant communities on the forum and that now was maybe a good time to have a separate category for Regional Communities and Topic-based Communities (better phrase welcomed). We also dug back through meeting notes from previous GOSH events and online conversations to pull out additional topics that were highlighted as being active in the community and maybe needing their own space.

Suggestions are highlighted as bold italic.

This is a wiki post so you can comment below but also directly edit the post and add further suggestions. What would be ideal is to identify people who would be willing to be the point of contact for the different sub-categories, to act as a (named) friendly face for posters and keep an eye on categorisation to make sure posts that are relevant to the that category end up there. Please add your name next to the category if you think this could be you…

Thoughts vey welcome!


Forum Categories

  • General

    • Funding Opportunities
  • Regional Communities

    • Latino Americanas
    • AfricaOSH
    • AsiaOSH
    • Great Lakes GOSH
    • TECNOx 4.0 - consolidate with Latin America Category?? There is only 1 post here
  • Topic Communities

    • Education
    • Single Pixel Camera dev group
    • Digital Biology
    • Academia
    • Open Hardware Makers
    • Biology
    • Air
    • Water
    • Soil
    • Legal/Licensing
    • Art
    • Neuroscience
    • Microscopy
  • GOSH Skill Share

    • Help Wanted
    • Help Offered
  • Gatherings

    • GOSH 2017
    • GOSH 2018
  • Community Governance

Thanks @jcm80 and everyone else involved in this discussion. I think this structure makes sense. The #global-south category, as noted, is still empty and could arguably be dissolved under a “regional communities” one for the time being.

@marinappdf maybe is better to discuss here about the categories?

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We could.
I have also posted here.
Since no one said anything (except from Jenny), I think is cool, we could just do it.

However, I have already asked @rpez to do it, should I stop him?

So, what Juli is talking about is that the latin american+caribbean group (reGOSH) have decided to keep using gosh forum as our official forum, because we want to add, not subtract. We’ve been using the category “Communities” and sub-category “Latino Americanas”, with the label “regosh”. But that is not working for us, is too limited.
We had a meeting and decided to make a category called “reGOSH” and use only this one to discusses our topics.
We also decided relocate the Latino Americanas subcategory to this new “reGOSH”.
But I’m not sure anymore because the reGOSH category will be mainly in spanish/portuguese, not english.
Also, TECNOx could also be migrated to reGOSH.

However, I do think we should keep the subcategory Latino Americana for topics that are not from regosh, maybe people that are not part of it. . . and change the name for “Latino Americana e Caribe”


Ah yes, I forgot about that thread, please feel free to amend the proposed structure with what you had planned and decided for reGOSH.

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