Programme of the seminar on Biohacking, Cameroon

This is the link towards the working programme of the seminar on Biohacking in the medical field. I want to release it on tuesday: Working programme - Google Docs

  • For those who have already give their title, feel free to modify it or complete informations on you if incomplete. @dusjagr @biomakers_lab, @amchagas @kelu124. And give me your time preference, since the seminar will take places between 8am and 3pm (GMT).
  • For @Tobey @bwolfend, @mephilross can you confirm if you are still interested or not?
  • For those who are still interested to give a presentation online, join me by mail.

Hi @thomasmboa,
Thanks for the update. These days would work for me to contribute, but am still not sure which topic I should present, so that it is interesting to the audience. I could give a (brief - ca. 30min?) talk about the parametric gel-electrophoresis-system ( How I designed it as open hardware so that others can build on the design and adapt the design to local requirements?

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Thank You Tobey, it is great. Be sure that the audience will be interested. Since this seminar will also be considered as a doctoral seminar for PhD students in Biochemistry, chemistry, molecular biology…

So feel free to complete the google doc

Thank a lot

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