Product development research for global health

The Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) seeks expressions of interest by 23 February 2024 for research funding to develop accessible, affordable health products for use in low- and middle-income countries.

@gamelmag Thank you for sharing with Africa OSH

I conducted a study with my colleagues at Africitizen, focusing on the theme: “Towards Informed and Supported Maternity in the District of Gninsy in Benin.” By organizing citizen panels in 15 villages, we gathered testimonies from over 300 women about their experiences during pregnancy and early motherhood.

One of the striking results of this study was that many women in rural areas do not benefit from medical ultrasound scans to monitor their pregnancies. Only those with the financial means to travel more than 30 km to an urban area have access to this essential service.

Upon discovering this call for projects, I harbored the hope that it would represent an ideal opportunity to submit a proposal aimed at developing or testing open-source equipment to address this problem. However, I also noted that the call targets organizations active in R&D for at least three years. As my structure is relatively young, I wonder if @jcm80 or someone else leads an organization with which we could partner to respond to this call.

In my online search, I came across a solution ( developed with an Open Source approach. Perhaps acquiring and testing its impact would be an appropriate course of action. Does anyone know of a similar project or is working on such an initiative?

So, I am putting the idea out there: perhaps we could form a team and respond to this call together!

Also see here: the expertise is closer than you may think! This could be a good candidate for Ubiquity 25:

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