Pre print on the 2nd open labware workshop ran in Nigeria 2017

Hi all!

In an not so coordinated effort to document and share the 2nd Open Labware workshop we conducted in Nigeria this year, some of the faculty wrote a small paper about it, and you can find it here

We would be very grateful for comments, suggestions as well as strong criticism that would help us improve this and possible futuŕe papers. Please keep in mind that the idea of writing the whole thing down in this format only came during the workshop, when a lot of things were already running and we were unable to prepare them to nicely fit with the format of a paper.

@neuro3en, @ifriad and @ffederici have been a great contributors to the workshop. Thanks to you three!
@unixjazz has already collaborated a lot with the paper with great comments and suggestions. Thanks!!

@thomasmboa, @ryanfobel, @rbowman, maybe this is interesting for you too?


Hey - looks like it was a really fun and hopefully very useful workshop :slight_smile: The paper looks like quite a nice record of what happened, and I’m not sure I can think of any substantive criticisms (helpful or otherwise). What I want to know now is what the participants will do when they get back to their home institutions and put what they’ve learned into practice - but I guess you can’t put that in the paper as it’s not yet happened!

Hi Andre,
I finally found the time to read the paper. I think it is a great contribution, and I think it could really be helpful for starting similar initiatives in other parts of the world, e.g. in latin america (Fernán…?)
After reading, I found a couple of things that I think could be useful information for someone trying to replicate this:

  • information about the costs (materials, travel, etc), and sources of funding
  • how was the process to select the participating groups (from the 70 applications), especially regarding their proposed project (since it had to be made during just one week, and the parts were provided by the organizers)
    If you could include this it would be great, but anyway I think the paper is great. I enjoyed reading it!
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Hi @gpereyrairujo, thanks for the feedback!
Sorry for the slow response.
Very nice points! I’ll incorporate the suggestions into our working document.


Amazing job @amchagas! We need this kind of workshops SO much.

Question, are you planning to include phD candidates from other areas in the next edition? I’m curious about what people from other fields could develop with these tools.

Question2, are you planning to do follow-up to the 90% of people willing to implement open source in their projects? If yes, how?


Hi @jarancio,
Thanks! :slight_smile: we are trying our best.

Answer1 The courses are not closed to one knowledge area but for some reason we are unable to break the bias. We try to get the advertisement as far and wide as possible…

Answer2 We normally keep in touch with everyone from the courses in a somewhat informal manner, using social media, following their academic career and discussing ideas whenever there is the opportunity. This is really a good point, and we should have a better way of keeping track and checking the impact, but at least personally, I simply can’t find time to this is a systematic manner. Would love to get suggestions how to “easily” implement this!

see ya!

Yup, I asked Q2 because is a challenge I usually face when running workshops… Haven’t worked it out yet =/ Discourse works quite well when the community has a common interest, still thinking…