pre-GOSH activities in Shenzhen

@leosehn I’ve never made my own PCB, but I’m interested in learning about the process and software. I think the only issue will be whether you can figure out the date for this since we need to book airfare soon.


Agree, @Zengirl2!

I am planning to arrive on October 6 or 7 to participate in any movement pre-GOSH that happens and to adapt my body to such a distant place, and I thought October 7 and 8 would be good to the gatherings.

But I think we can star to work to make this real and concrete. I’ll check out Greg’s answer and if anyone has a direct contact in X-Factory/Seed Studio or any other place in Shenzhen to run the activities would be welcome and very helpful.

Thank you!

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Sorry. I meant October 8 and 9 are good dates for the gatherings.
All the travel dates are getting me a bit confused.


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Hi @leosehn, I’m also inteested in making our own PCB’s. Specially because my experience was using chemicals that are toxic and I would like to learn it in another way. Let’s see if possible on the 8 & 9th oct!


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Hi, @Minecastel. I would be happy to help the best way I can! Unfortunately, 14-15 Oct are not good dates because I am planning to participate in Public Lab Banraising. But after 15 Oct and before 10 Oct I am very flexible to the best dates for everyone.

Hi, @laola. Nice to know that you wanna join either! Yeah, I consider important to know all the alternatives and find the one that best suits you in each situation. And the fact that the method is cleaner is an aspect that is very relieving.

Thank you.

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Hello! I am also interested in this gathering.
Is there something formal that has been set up?

Hi, Do you have decent data on it? I am a data scientist studying these trends and trying to find patterns.


we did some circular chromotography at Hackuarium last year with Emmanuela Ascari, and it was beautiful too… (need some space and a dark cupboard and imaging capacity, ideally)


Hey, I’m afraid I won’t be arriving until Oct. 9th due to prices in airfare. It was 50% cheaper to arrive on this date! So, I will probably be asleep at the Vienna while you are having fun. I will see how awake I am. :wink:

Dear goshonianas coming to GOSH2018 Shenzhen this year!
More and more ideas and concrete activities are strating to take shape pre/post GOSH.
let’s start to separate them in dedicated “Topics” and keep them under this category.

We are currently visiting SEZ with this year’s GOSH-team and preparing various opportunities for visits in the pre-phase of the main GOSH activities. Stay tuned for more.


i guess sadly no one makes PCBs here anymore :slight_smile:
but we can get them made in less than 24h:

or many other places…

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Hello everybody!
I’ll arrive in HK on the 2nd and will be in Shenzhen from the 5th (of October). I am basically up to anything! I would be interested to get more info about PCB Design but I also like soil stuff. I was talking to @amchagas some weeks ago and we thought about working on (or planning) a new module for the FlyPi.

In general: Is there a place/space were we all can meet independent of what we are doing? What about the X-Factory? Or would it be better to meet in sub(interest)groups?

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Hey vektor,

There are definitely spaces where we can all meet up. As @gbathree mentioned, X-Factory is a good place to start. I will check with my supervisor, but I am almost certain we can use SZOIL as an independent space. Maybe the cafe at Troublemakers too? @dusjagr what do you reckon?

Nice! I would be up for meeting before GOSH and geeking out together!
I’m arriving on Oct. 6th.


I will be at Shenzhen also on the 6th
Looking forward to meet you all. @amchagas do you think it is possible to adapt the flypi for some soil microscopy? I don’t know much about it but I have been looking for some microscopes to do that and this is what Elaine Ingham (a big reference in the subject)recommends. And this is a commercial version
I will bring some malbec to help us keep the focus…

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Hey @nanocastro,
Actually we want to plan/develop a ‘microbiology’ module for the FlyPi which can do e.g. colony counts or monitor bacteria swarming on agar plates. I already developed a stand-alone hardware setup but we still need to work on the image analysis but if it is done it should be quite easy to implement it in the FlyPi (and make it a MiPi :smile:).

I think most of the things you could also use for soil analysis, right? Unfortunately your second link does not work but what are you actually looking for in the soil if you do analysis (sorry I have no experience with soil analysis)?


Well yes, basically we need an easy to use image analysis setup for both applications, and many others.

There are many image-related tools available, but most are for face recognition and robotics and word recognition… there’s a powerful android app (not open source) but does show off the image recognition stuff using google’s tensorflow called ImageAnalysisToolset (IAT)…

Open source stuff (I think) is ImageJ, Open CV and it’s less complicated cousin Simple CV. It would be nice if there was an accessible, fully open source one with applications useful in science (good edge detection, color, etc. etc.) … dunno if folks know of other sources, I’v elooked into it a little bit but not a ton.

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@nanocastro if the soil samples and the objects/organisms that need to be imaged are above 50um, it should be possible to use the FlyPi…

@vektor: I like it. MiPi :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, just saw some news that TensorFlow (and I believe it is open source too?) is now officially supported on the raspberry pi. Don’t know how fast it would be, but we could give it a shot?


Hey everybody,
Yep. TensorFlow is OS!
We were trying to get edge detection of bacteria film on an agar plate with openCV and it works more or less. But maybe I just got carried away by openCV and should look into other methods so I totally would join if you want to develop a versatile algorithm for FlyPi image analysis.