Post your OSH event here so we can have it featured in GOSH Blog!

Hi everyone,

As @jcm80 mentioned in another topic, we’re working on the GOSH blog (want to colaborate? Shout out!), and one of the things we want to do is write about upcoming community events.


Are you organising, or are you aware of any event that may be of interest to the GOSH community? Post it here :smiley:

Please include dates/place-venue/link with more info.

Up to now I have:


This is great-- are you also adding to the GOSH calendar (I think @dusjagr set it up)?

are past events also allowed?

@shannond good idea!

@amchagas sure, send them!

@vektor: want to put the one you just organized here too?
@Ewen: What about the one in Paris in January?

we (Trend in Africa) are organizing one in Cape Town in between April 16th and April 28th. @neuro3en, is participating too. This is an “Advanced Open Labware workshop”

Some alumni from Trend’s workshops are organizing an outreach event in Nigeria: I think one of the organizers is here as @jerriad?

Also there will be a panel on OS tools for science (including hardware) at the FENS forum on July 7th in Berlin @jcm80 and myself will participate in it.

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remembered that @vektor and @thomasmboa are running a workshop/panel at Re:publica this year…

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@amchagas: i will love to participate in the Trend’s workshop outreach event in Nigeria , as am a NIGERIAN and i reside here in Nigeria.
@jerriad: please kept me posted,as i will love to participate and we can know more about each others and i can show you people some places in my country (Nigeria)


Sure @amchagas, if it fits the scope!

I organized a small symposium on Open Science and Open Science Hardware for the PhDs of a big research collaboration (TU Munich, Weihenstephan campus and the research collaboration is called SFB924 ). Unfortunately It wasn’t possible to open registration completely and it was more about to motivate my fellow PhDs to get involved.

But hopefully we will have similar events in the future which will be completely open!

Apart from that we will have a workshop at the re:publica (2.-4.05.18) but I actually don’t know which day exactly and I am still looking for a co-host. At the same conference @thomasmboa and @jcm80 are part of a panel discussing OSH.



Sure @vektor we are also scheduled for a discussion on: “Hacking the ivory tower: Open Science in Developing Contexts”. I hope to be there, sinceI am still trying to get a Shengen Visa.

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May 7 - 9, (USA Rhinebeck NY) - Gathering for Open Ag Technology (GOAT) 2018

The gathering will bring together the nascent open ag tech community to meet, learn, share, and establish a common vision for creating open technologies for our food system.


Here are the links to the panel discussion:

and workshop

at re:publica