At the Sunday after GOSH, 14th Oct, we will have the FIRST PUBLIC LAB CHINA BARNRISING at a beautiful eco-island (Changzhou island) in Guangzhou, which is half an hour away from Shenzhen by fast train.

All GOSH participants are welcome to join, more details will come soon…


This is amazing… Looking forward to that…

OK, thanks, we will be expecting.

I would be interested in attending the Barnraising. Would this be for one day or two days? It would be helpful to know soon so we can get airfare booked. Thanks so much for this offering! :smile:

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Thanks for the interest~~ We prepare a 2 day event now. Also Guangzhou (as well as Changzhou island) is a lovely place which worth to stay longer :grin:

Hey, I’m hoping to book my airfare today. Are you hoping to have the Barnraising the 14th and the 15th? Thanks!

Yes, it will be at 14&15th Oct, welcome to join!
Now the venue and accommodations are nearly confirmed.
Check this map to look at the location :slight_smile:

Shan, it looks like the location for the Barnraising is about 10 hours from the GOSH event. Do you have an estimate for how much transportation costs to get there?

Shan, sorry for the confusion–I found the post where you mentioned the fast train and that sounds good. :slight_smile:

Hey Shan! I am interested! Can I still join? Thanks!

You mentioned accomodations–so that means we will stay at a different hotel for the Barnraising?


Hi everyone,
I’m interested too in attending the Barnraising. Is there any list to sign up?

Hi folks, I didn’t check the forum for a while, sorry for not reply in time. Now the Barnraising registration is online! Welcome to join! Check here:
Feel free to write me ( for discount code if needed!
Hope to see you all. -Shan
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If no special requests, we will stay at 4-beds dorms provided by school :slight_smile: