Post examples of governance + unorganized organization :)

Pretty soon we’ll be having some more in depth discussions about governance and what it means to be in the GOSH community. I was trawling the internet and found this as a nice example of how things can get done:
and specifically their very well written and described process here:

Worth reading through to see how other projects get managed and describe themselves.

Do you have other nice examples of governance, light weight structures, or general organization (+ how their organizations self-document)?

If so - post them here! It’ll make a nice reference for what’s out there as we go forward.



I remember having some really interesting discussions with @sam regarding the governance structure at octanis. Maybe he could describe it a bit more and/or provide some resources.

I also think we could learn a lot from co-operative models including the platform co-op movement.

Getting back to this discussion after some crazy months (sorry for taking this long). Anyone here following or experimenting with ideas such as DAOs? Conceptually there is a link to coops and the like.