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PocketPCR - low cost, USB powered, open source PCR

With all the experience from openPCR, gaudiPCR, PicoPCR, miniPCR I spent the last 6 months developing the PocketPCR, a simpler, smaller and more affordable thermocycler ( http://gaudi.ch/PocketPCR/ ) . The whole design is optimized for low cost and desk top mass production. It runs from a regular USB port, power adapter or battery pack. I produced a small batch of kits that I sell at 99 euro on GaudiShop (https://gaudishop.ch/index.php/product/pocketpcr-kit/) - free shipping worldwide. And of course it is open source science hardware, all files available on GitHub ( https://github.com/GaudiLabs/PocketPCR ).

After the launch I was overwhelmed with the positive adoption by the community (134 likes, 45 comments and 61 shares on facebook). And I am now in talks with Alessandro Yaw Crimi about bringing 1000 PocketPCR to Ghana, with Yanwu Guo about bringing it to schools in China and with Josiah Zayner about offering the PocketPCR through The ODIN.

Let me know what you think and how to develop the project further.



Congrat. let me know if u need any help.
Co-founder Opentrons

Thank you Chiu. Appreciate a lot. Thinking about coming back to Shenzhen :wink: .

Oh wow! Looks great!

Already ordered one :wink: