PM10 monitoring device

Dear all,

some friends of mine living in Chiasso (Southern part of Switzerland) are asking me if there are available cheap monitoring device to run bottom-up air quality monitoring campaign.

Since 2012 I am trying to promote the use of DIY air quality monitoring devices and I have also developed one for the local laboratory of environmental monitoring.
I am following some projects that are addressing this topic such as the smart citizen kit and, but I still cannot find a good reference for the monitoring of PM10 with a cheap arduino based device. In particular, I would like to aks you if you know the best practices to run a citizen campaign even with a non accurate sensor such as the Dust sensor by Seed Studio and if you know a good case study or a device that I can build for this specific campaign.

thank you in advance for your advices

Hi Serena
I know a few projects aimed at measuring particles with low cost sensors

I have not try any of them but I’m currently working on the development of a Open Air Quality Monitor (MACA) in
Argentina. For particles we are experimenting with the Shinyei PPDS42 but you can find laser based sensors as Plantower or SDS011 that look better.

And here you can find a lot of general info about of low cost sensors, monitors and calibrations

I hope this helps


Hi Nano

thank you for the precious information.
It is exactly what I needed.
I will study some of the resources and select a tool to experiment with.
The way is long to teach how to become a citizen scientist…

I will keep you all posted.

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