[Physics] Black Body Radiation

Hi everyone,
I want to setup an experiment to measure the black body radiation spectrum and show the Wien’s displacement law. At the university we have a Shimatzu uv-vis spectrometer which offers the possibility to add a third lamp (apart from the tungsten and deuterium that are already included) and measure its spectral distribution of “energy” (the values shown have no units). As far as I know, this socket is for calibration purpose; you put a gas discharge lamp that emits in some known wavelengths. I was planning to put and incandescent lamp in that spare socket and measure its spectrum at different temperatures (current), but I don’t think the sensor of the spectrometer has a flat response, and I haven’t found the documentation.
On the other hand, I found this article on using a FTIR to do the same thing. We also have a FTIR at the University, so that would be another possibility.
The third possibility would be to build a monocromator and an absolute light intensity sensor like the kit by Pasco. The thing is I have no idea on how one could build such sensor. It doesn’t look very simple.
Any ideas?

Thank you all