Paris in May: OScH visits and places to stay (?)

Hi all, I’m going to this cool conference Open Source Founders Summit 2024 - About May 27 - 28th (If others are interested like maybe @Jorodeo or better probably folks in Europe I’d love to see you there!).

First - I’d love to meet up with folks while I’m there… anyone want to meet who’s in or near Paris during that time? If not you, then maybe you know the Paris open source scene and could suggest connections for me?

Second - I’m hoping to make this trip less expensive by couch surfing. Anyone willing to host me for several days in the end of May? I’ll take you out to dinner and bring a present!

Respond here or email me g b a thr ee (all one word) at the gmails. Thanks all!


Ni! Hi Greg,

If you haven’t already, I’d strongly entice you to get in touch with the folks from

They might also help you find someone to host you in Paris.


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Ni! Regarding the Atelier Paysan, in terms of your work, this associated project is likely to be of interest to you:

Or in its new form:

Unrelated to the Atelier, there’s also this unrelated project which is more “startup-y” but also open-source:

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Wow so awesome :pray: :pray: :pray: . Following up with all those folks now. I love what Qrop has done, now it’s which looks really pretty!

I’ve seen Ekylibre before, it’s quite different it seems now. I’m curious where it’s at as well.

Hello Greg.

I can send a message on the French Fablabs Network mattermost to help to find the hosting place or friend. Especially on Paris Region channel.

Please dm or send me a link to a profile or something that explains who you are and what you make so i can tease your profile :slight_smile:

All the best.


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Hey Greg, I might be able to host you for part of your stay, sending you an email separately. Sounds like a cool event!

Also hello @hugobiwan, do you know how I could access that French Fablab Network mattermost? I am in the process of joining Electrolab in Nanterre outside of Paris!