Panama official form

Should we write ‘turismo’ on the official form for the panama peeps??
or ‘other’??

well, turismo was what I put… just got my QR code to enter the country! =)

Hi Rachel!

I assume you are referring to Panama’s COVID-19 affidavit for travelers, correct? If so, yes, listing turismo/tourism on the form should be fine. I am tagging our local fixer in Panamá, @anaj238, who can also tell us the best option to select.


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thanks! it is done as turismo, so I hope I don’t have to change… =)

Hello! I would like to ask if having 2 Pfizer doses is considered a full vaccination scheme in Panama. I have been searching around the internet to find out but the information is mixed. Also, i have seen that there were changes regarding the restrictions of entering the country. For example, on this official portal it says “HEALTH AFFIDAVIT IS NOT REQUIRED. WELCOME TO PANAMA.” .
Also, on Panama Entry Restrictions | Visitors & Testing mentions that there are no entry restrictions and that travelers do not have to present negative test results.

Do you mind providing some official resources where i could find out what a complete vaccination scheme means when traveling to Panama and what are the updated steps that must be taken regarding the need of a health affidavit? Thank you!

Hey there! thanks for browsing that info. You are correct, from September 14th the health affidavit is no longer required to enter the country. Also, 2 doses are considered full vaccination scheme in Panama. You can see it on page 15 of the decree:

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Thank you for your answer! So, just to make sure, if i have 2 doses of Pfizer there will be no need to take a Covid test on the airport when entering Panama, right?
Thank your for your time!

nope, you will be fine

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