Our project is now on Kickstarter ( IVI: the closed loop 3D Printer)

Hi GOSHers,
I’m Andy from IVI 3D Printer. In October 2018, I bring some printed samples to GOSH Shenzhen, don’t know whether you remember or not.

Now, our printer is LIVE on Kickstarter, please check this out.

IVI 3D Printer Kickstarter

looks exactly like the tiko priner that failed to deliver on kickstarter. I was a backer.

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Yes but they state they are nothing like the tiko. I was really amazed by the concept and the printer but when I looked closer it didn’t seem to be an open source project. That’s why I think this advertising a commercial tool rather than promoting an open source project. Unfortunately.

Please correct me @sandybeauty if I’m wrong. Or do you intend to release the details at some point?