OScH in and for low socio-economical status communities



Hi there!

I am collecting info about initiatives regarding open hardware and low socio-economical status communities. We have a project in Austin called Whole Communities Whole Health, and a “small” component of it is getting communities involved with open science and open hardware. So far it is a small component, but I would like to enlarge it.

Knowing other initiatives and their experiences will provide me other insights that I can use to “convince” the bigger team.



PS: this item came out in GOSH 2018 as part of the LEARN: QUALITY MONITORING AND EVALUATION section. All responses will be gathered and linked to the section. Thanks!


Hi Juan Pedro,

I’d like to know more about your component of WCWH, do you have a link or something? Also, there’s mention of grand challenges but I see only general statements. Is there a specific description of the grand challenges?

I graduated from UT a long time ago, which is partly why I’m curious.



Hi Harold,

The project is relatively new (2years). At the time we are working out the tech challenges, the Community Engagement Team has been meeting with communities, working with them, establishing strong ties with them, to now gage their interests. It is a long process of trust building. You can find more info and updates here (https://bridgingbarriers.utexas.edu/whole-communities-whole-health/). If there is interest, I can tell the Steer Committee to have an info outreach to the global community to inform about the project. If you have any specific question, don’t doubt asking me.



@Conector_Ciencia Take a look at this thread, if you haven’t yet!
@juanpedro.maestre take a look at http://www.conecien.com/


It’d be great to have that info outreach! We are interested in hearing more about it :wink: