OSCH Germany - Onboarding

Hello everyone, currently we’re forming a team of pioneers from the GOSH associated Open Source and Open Science Hardware Communities (we call it OSCH for now) in Germany who want

  • a) to provide a translation for the manifesto and beyond and
  • b) to contribute from the German side and are interested and just working on a strategy brief with recommendations for actions in politics and research institutions who are interested to evaluate and implement Open Source Hardware as a new opportunity.

We would like to introduce this topic here as interface for the German speaking friends and colleagues to connect and form a strong partnership to help distribute the Open Source Hardware approach in Research facilities and more.

Cheers from Germany

Max, Paul, Timm, Tasso, Moe, Daniel, Oliver, Sven

(Linked to the following organisations VOW, OKFN, BHT Berlin, OSE Germany and more)


Das ist doch toll!
Wünsch euch alles gute und warme Grüsse aus Indonesien.

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Das klingt spannend! Bin gerne mit dabei!

Schöne Grüße,

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So die Manifest-Übersetzung ist schonmal online, das ging fix :slight_smile: nun zu b)

Wir werden in den kommenden Wochen mal einen kleinen Überblick geben :slight_smile:


Ooh my God,this is great but unfortunately it seems to only favour Germany speaking fellows.

We’ll share important updates relevant to everyone in dual Language :slight_smile: