Original GOSH and date

Nakka Sai Bhaskar Reddy - NGO|India says he was at the original GOSH in Banff Canada in 2009. Who can clarify GOSH history?

I’ve been interviewing some GOSHers, @dusjagr recently told me about this first GOSH, which refers to an event in July 2009 called “Grounding Open Source Hardware summit” held at the Banff Centre.

From OSHWA.org:

In July 2009, at the Grounding Open Source Hardware summit held at the Banff Center, a group of participants created the Open Hardware Design Alliance (OHANDA). One of the project’s first goals was to launch a service for open hardware design based on a certification and registration model (OHANDA)⁠.

OHANDA unfortunately didn’t prosper, but anyway it’s interesting to see there was a lot happening at the moment - Also I don’t think this GOSH had a exclusive focus in science hardware but was a more art-driven summit? (maybe I’m wrong, I’d appreciate if anyone was there and can tell).

Some other info from this forum post:

From July 16-18, The Banff New Media Institute at The Banff Centre will present the Grounding Open Source Hardware (GOSH!) Workshop and Summit. GOSH! will bring together makers, producers and theorizers of open source hardware to facilitate the emerging dialogue on both artist-driven and socially conscious open-source hardware. The breadth of open source hardware projects and distributed models of manufacturing suggest that it is time for these disparate manufacturers, designers, artists and engineers to come together to discuss the common issues of their practices.

GOSH! attendees will participate in the discussion of open source hardware development, and examine the past and future trajectory of Open Source Hardware. With over 30 invited speakers, GOSH! will aim to explore questions related to the free exchange of information, the application of OS to art, and the politics and possibilities of OSH.

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hoi zäme,

yes a few people that came to GOSH have been at this event. and yes, it’s kinda used the same name… but so must have many other events. so i would not talk about anything like “original”

check @kimitobo or @bengtsjolen and also jürgen, who was at the “first” in geneva.
in fact after discussing at our first meetings in 2015. i kinda remembered and talked to people from that Banff crew and we invited them actively.

there was a maillist on piksel set up after the Banff GOSH:
https://piksel.no/mailman/listinfo/gosh but it only leads back to this:


thanks to you both @jarancio and @dusjagr for these extra details!
the reason the question came up is because of the bio by Nakka Sai Bhaskar Reddy in the report… He says simply that he participated in GOSH 2009 in Banff. In some (other) part(?s) of the report the ‘1st GOSH’ is pointed out coming out of the biofabbing at CERN in 2014, so we should / could (probably?) ‘disambiguate’ all this in the report early on, rather than leaving mysteries until the end. @laola @jcm80 wdyt?

this sounds surprising, because the only biofabbing at CERN which I know of so far (and personally witnessed) was in 2017, and that happened well after the 1st CERN GOSH in 2016.

the meeting in Banff certainly pre-dates the CERN ‘GOSH’ meetings, but what happened in 2015?? was it ‘Grounding Open Source Hardware’ or ‘Gathering for Open Science Hardware’ ? CERN did have an Open Hardware Licensing initiative in 2011 already too… as cited in the PLoS Biol 16(9): e3000014, which also focuses on the African OScHs and has a good reference list (including this 2012 Science paper - Pearce JM. Building Research Equipment with Free, Open-Source Hardware. Science. 2012;337: 1303–1304. pmid:22984059). Clearly, many paths led to the current GOSH… and maybe one shouldn’t forget FOSH too (Free Open Source Hardware!) The question for the report is if we should try to pick them all apart for ‘disambiguation’ or not… :slight_smile: