Opensource PIC software and hardware

Hello guys,

I am happy to share with you something we have been working on for the past few years, it’s an opensource PIC based hardware and software microcontroller platform called the CloudX microcontroller board.. This is totally similar to the Arduino platform but instead we decided to develop our board on a different chip using Microchip PIC series.

we started this platform because we believe there are still many PIC microcontroller users out there who’s not familiar with the ATMEL AVR microcontrollers and couldn’t find enough free and open source codes or libraries to support their PIC based projects.

Our Opensource hardware support all kinds of PIC micros, the IDE is written in C# and it’s capable of intellisense code editor, compiling, serial debugging, visual programming using blockly, custom LCD character design and code loading interface into the board via serial - USB chip.

We believe in the Opensource community and call on you guys to collaborate and support this project by redeveloping the IDE, modifying the libraries( currently has about 700 function library), develop a more standard hardware with more features and even create a better web support platforms for the board. Together we can make this project better. With your help, we are planning of releasing a better version of the CloudX this year.

Note: We are not competing with the Arduino, we are only creating hope for the PIC microcontroller users so that they can have access to opensource codes just like the AVR. we are making the world a better place.


Please check other files at All files you need to build and support

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