OpenFlexureCon, 11-13 July, Bath, UK

We’re hosting a small workshop in a few weeks in Bath, and it occurs to me that it might be of interest to some folk who are on the GOSH forum but not the OpenFlexure forum. It’s intended as a community gathering for people using, developing, or interested in the OpenFlexure project. It will be a mix of short talks, discussions, and unconference sessions, from lunchtime on 11th July until lunchtime on 13th July.

We will feature a few pre-recorded videos from people who’d like to be represented but can’t attend, and will try to record talks and otherwise push the discussion onto our forum afterwards, though we’ll stop short of it becoming a fully hybrid event.

There’s an application link in the OpenFlexure forum post.


wish I could have made it…
looking forward to hearing all about it, and making more progress on our epifluor attempts to see comet tails!!

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