OpenClimate community call #4

Dear all,

For the past several months, a small collective of us who are focused on “open” and libre initiatives (knowledge, access, data, hardware, etc) have been convening a series of monthly “Open Climate” calls.

We’re hosting our fourth call (which I thought was specifically relevant to this group) on Tuesday, June 29 at 14:00UTC / 10ET / 11BRT.

If you’re interested in joining us, please register to receive the Zoom link below:

You can find more information on the OpenClimate call series here:

This call will focus on the challenges of translating work of the Open movement into environmental research and activism in the climate crisis. It will be facilitated by Luis Felipe R. Murillo (UVA Data Science) in conversation with Myanna Lahsen (National Institute for Space Research, Brasil) and Silvio Carlos (Socioenvironmental Institute, Brasil).

Please feel free to share this invite widely!

(on behalf of the “OpenClimate” collective)

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Olá pessoal,

Nos útimos meses, nosso coletivo tem organizado debates online sobre a questão da abertura, da liberdade e do acesso ao conhecimento, aos dados, ao software e ao hardware aplicados à pesquisa e o ativismo ambiental.

A nossa proxima chamada do ** dia 29 de Junho (11 da manhã, horario de Brasília) ** será dedicada aos problemas de traducao e aplicacao da pesquisa ambiental e das tecnologias livres diante da crise climática.

Caso seja do seu interesse, ** registre-se no link abaixo para participar ** da nossa discussão na semana que vem:

Você pode encontrar maiores informacoes sobre os nossos eventos em nosso Wiki:

A discussão vai ser facilitada por Luis Felipe R. Murillo (Universidade da Virgínia, Data Science) em diálogo com Myanna Lahsen (INPE, Brasil) e Sílvio Carlos (Instituto Socioambiental, Brasil).

Juntem-se à nós e fiquem à vontade para disseminar este convite!

Grande abraco,
LF (em nome do coletivo “OpenClimate”)


Hi! It seems great!
Will be in english, or portuguese?

@BrunoZanette , @C.Arpino , @efeefe and @sjacques, check this

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Oi @marinappdf !

The calls have been organized only in English thus far, unfortunately.

It does not have to be only in English, however! Maybe we can have another one in Portuguese, if people are interested?

Best wishes,

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@unixjazz Is the Zoom call set up in a way that would allow me to just listen in? I won’t have anything to contribute to the discussion, but my niche is in open source CAD and I’ve been trying to keep an eye on what’s happening in the open science world.

Hi, @unixjazz,

Very interesting!
I will join you next Tuesday.

Thanks for sharing!

@laola: thank you, it will be awesome to have you there!

@jmwright: I apologize for the zoom link… we need to come up with better ways to get together in a large groups without this tool! You can join with audio only: you could either call from a regular phone or join the regular call and turn off you camera. In any case, we would like for you to engage the debate, if you feel inclined! Make sure you register to get the connection info.

CAD is super important, for example, to make biodegradable and resistant containers for sensor boxes that can be deployed in extreme climates. It is hard challenge—especially because you do not want to spend ** countless ** hours on a print to make something sturdy that will insulate your sensor nodes (that would not be very sustainable). This mission takes some serious R&D (but some of us have been working on this, such as: @jarancio, @nanocastro, @gbathree and more). So, yes… you do have a lot to contribute!

Thanks, I have registered.

I want to be careful not to pull this thread off-topic, but I would be very interested to see an example (or multiple examples if possible) of these sensor boxes.