Open Water Level

I had a nice coffee chat with someone I met at last month’s marine-focused GOSH meeting and she recommended I post a project here (thanks, @Zengirl2!).

We built a low-cost, open water level sensor. It was designed for educational (tide/sea level rise_ applications but the core transponder has been used in commercial water level sensors as well and ours seems to perform nicely. We are now using it in coastal and estuarine water level monitoring applications.

v0 was built on an Arduino (Adafruit Adalogger M0) with a lower-resolution sensor and is described here: GitHub - SUPScientist/Seaport_Tide-SLR: An educational Arduino and ultrasonic rangefinder–based tide and sea level rise monitoring project.

The upgraded version which we are more actively maintaining uses a Particle Boron for cellular connectivity and is here: GitHub - COAST-Lab/Open-Water-Level: An open-source, low-cost, DIY ultrasonic water level sensor.

Both use an MIT license. Would love to hear feedback or collaborate with anyone interested! I’m still on the newer side of open source, GitHub, etc., but I’m trying to learn best practices and improve documentation along the way!