Open Source Tour of Latin America and Africa

Hi everyone!

We are 2 students and we have this project. The idea is we are going to travel during 6 months through Latin America (Argentina and Brazil) and Africa (don’t know which countries yet!) to meet entrepreneurs and creators of Open Source companies/projects!

We want to create a website and share our experience on social media. We will post interviews, podcasts, reports… Share these to people our age to show them how people all across the world are trying to build a better future together!

So basically I just wanted to talk about it with you guys. Do you have any thoughts about it? Do you know any exciting open source projects you wanna share with us? What else could we do that could be beneficial to these companies?

Thanks for reading me!

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You should meet @thomasmboa

Hi @Joachim!

there are a many people from South America and Africa here that can put in contact with interesting projects/people
Here is a tag for them:
South America: @nanocastro, @paz, @ffederici, @biomakers_lab, @gpereyrairujo
Africa: @ifriad, @kafilatadedeji, @thomasmboa, @jorgeappiah

Please share with people all ages! :wink:

A project worth checking in Argentina is CIAA
Good luck!

I’m part of two groups that work with open source hardware. The CTA is an university lab that works with citizen science, open science, free software, osh, etc, since 2012; and EITCHA, that works with education on osh, open science, internet survillance, fs, citzen science and more. Both in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
I know people that works with osh, I can introduce them to you.


HI Joachim,
Here you can find some interesting projects in Argentina about and around open science and some tech cooperatives (mainly software and from Buenos Aires)
We are working with the LabFD on open souce educative and scientific hardware in Mendoza. You are welcome to visit our lab and we can point you to other (not so technological) interesting projects going on the city and around.
Hope this helps

Thanks a lot for you answers! I’m looking at them right now, it’s super useful.

@marinappdf & @nanocastro: i’ll be sure to keep you posted on our advancement, it would be awesome to meet you


Drop a message when you come to Buenos Aires, I can show you some interesting projects here!

Hi @Joachim, we started an open hardware company in Peru this year. If you are interested, please let me know:

Thank you @amchagas for the contact.



Hi @Joachim

Sorry for my late answer. For africa, I suggest you to join the “Africa Open Science and Hardware” coorganized by @jorgeappiah and I in april 2018 in Ghana (

During this event, I am sure that you will meet people from Trend Africa (, this organization led by @amchagas.
You will also meet people from OpenAir (

So let me know if you need anything else…

Hi guys sorry for answering this late!

Thank you so much for all ur answers,
@jarancio I’ll be sure to do that, I’ll keep you informed on our whereabouts!

@thomasmboa I will be in Lyon, France in april 2018 so unfortunately I’m not sure if I will be able to fly to Ghana then, but if I manage to find some time for sure I’ll come and talk with you guys, what u’re doing seems insanely interesting!

I’ll try to keep u all posted on our advancement as u’ve all been of great help to our project!