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Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camps


Marcin here from Open Source Ecology. We are developing a 9 day immersion Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp, and we are looking for instructors to co-create this program. The goal is to equip people with skills for open source product development. The vision is a historic transfer of wealth from the few to the many. The invitation is here -

Are you a potential instructor or can you recommend someone?




@marcin_ose I’m interested if my skills and background would be useful to your project. I co-founded Los Angeles Makerspace, Connected Camps, KitHub and I work with Safecast. I focus on environmental pollution monitoring including air, noise, radiation and light and I’m planning to open an agroforestry lab next year. I develop STEAM curriculum for K-12th grade and for formal and informal educators. I’m a certified Globe.gov teacher, certified in education for sustainable development from Earth Charter Education Center and International Society of Forest Medicine in Japan. I’ve been to two GOSH events. I live in Tokyo. -Tara

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Fascinating background - let’s talk. Please see more info at https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/STEAM_Camp_-_How_It_Works

and let’s set up a call to discuss - please fill out this Survey which includes setting up a time to talk.


Or you can email me at marcin at opensourceecology dot org.