Open Source 3D Metal Printer project - GOSH

I just want to share with you this wonderfully written article about the Open Source 3D Metal Printer project by DIYODE Magazine!
The article talks about GOSH and open source hardware. Check out the article:

Agustin Cruz


Wonderful!. This project have so much positive impact.
It reflects GOSH values :slight_smile:

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Great project indeed, thanks for the link!

May I shamelessly use this opportunity and introduce you to another metal 3D printing project (which happens to be a project I’m woking on :slight_smile: )?

In the project FabMX our goal is to establish a low-cost, OSHW licensed, metal 3d printing system for fablabs, makerspaces, reseach labs etc.

We are developing a 3d printer with pellet extruder which uses MIM (metal injection molding) feedstock in granular form. That material is around 80% metal powder and 20% plastic binder. The plastic can be melted and therefore the material can be used for additive manufacturing similar to FDM/FFF 3d printing.

In following steps the binder is removed and the object is sintered (in the case of stainless steel at 1350°C) resulting in a pure metal object. We are looking into the possibility of building a DIY sintering oven as well.

In case you have use cases for such a system, or if you are interested in building such a system yourself (first version of the extruder is already published), it would be great to from you!