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Hei goshers,

we just launched another small crowdfunding campaign, called HUMUS.Sapiens, making use of the “Science Booster” option on wemakeit. which allows us to double the received funds through a 3rd party foundation.

The campain is for hosting participants for 2 specific and very GOSH-related µ-residencies and collaborative research retreat in Switzerland and Germany. Having in mind our vision/dream of GROLScH nodes we hope to get some of you over for this! so we can find time together to develop projects related to the goals of the roadmap. in this case specifically i wanna focus on DIY and low-cost tools for soil analysis, first learn more about the topic form all of you, and get our hands dirty!
04.-06.05.18 in the woods near Schaffhausen. ~
20.-22.07.18 near Munich. ~

See our campaign here.

And if you are interested to get some of you over to your group/institution to perform a soil-related workshop, get in contact with me. so we can find a way to use that “double backing” hacked funds together.



I think we’ll be coming! Hopefully we’ll have some fun instrumentation to share as well (building right now, so fingers crossed). Also, we’re setting up a soil testing lab which we should have up and running by then, so we may be able to do some cross-testing or validation of work performed in the community! Lab includes total organic carbon (via loss by ignition), XRF to measure for minerals at ppm levels from Na up, soil respiration (an estimate of biological activity) and other stuff. You can see all the tests we’re planning in this link (it’s a google doc so messy and in progress, but click on the “soil” link in the table of contents).


Juuuhuuuu our campaign has been successful and due to the “doubling funds” from the Science Booster we have been rewarded more than 20k €. So we are rooooollliiiing!

Follow our activities around Open Soil Research on the hackteria website:

and join the forum if you wanna contribute to the discussion:

at the moment i am focusing on experimenting with simple / affordable CO2 sensors to build DIY soil chambers, monitoring the microbial activity of soil in the field.

anyone else has experience on using this MH-Z19 CO2 sensor?
I am a bit confused on if or how to change the “Automatic Baseline Correction”, cos we don’t want this to be more quantitative.