Open Science Hardware #MozSprint Projects you could join!

Hi All

It is day 2 of the Mozilla Global Sprint #MozSprint and there are a few relevant projects you might be interested to join!

Here are all the projects:

Open Science Hardware related:



I am definitively interested in #1, 2 and 3! Thanks for letting us know!!!

@jarancio, @paz and @gpereyrairujo, it would be great to combine these two projects at some point! We should talk. Some colleagues here have a different approach but I think yours is best!!!



Yay! Thanks @jcm80 ^^

In fact ETER repo is aaalways open for collaborations so @juanpedro.maestre let’s talk! I also think ETER+VUELA would be an awesome idea :wink:

We’re dealing now with calibration, @nanocastro is also in the team (ETER is inspired in nano’s MACA)


I think some weird thing is happening between our brains haha, I was just walking home after trying to brainwash some people about open hardware and thinking we all really really needed to talk asap. So, I’ll send an email to coordinate, also before we loose @jarancio to the North


thank you @jcm80! We sprinted better today, and your message had to do with it :wink:

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Please please. Let’s talk and organise something soon. With ETER team we were thinking that there’s an urgent need to start talking and setting common ground around not only the technical aspects (which sensors are available? reliable?) but also about workshop methodologies, communication, etc


I’m afraid JP has hacked into our computers or cell phones hehe… we were talking earlier yesterday about some kind of vuela+eter meeting soon :slight_smile:

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